motor city brewing works vs detroit

Detroit has unfortunately become synonymous with a crumbling economy and dangerous neighbourhoods, but what a lot of us fail to acknowledge is the true powerhouse that the city has evolved into.



With many new businesses sprouting all throughout the city, there is no denying that the powerhouse the city once was is slowly being built up. Detroit has become a favourite of mine to explore with its beautiful architecture, surprisingly friendly people and of course, incredible breweries.

Like most new and unknown cities, you must obviously be aware of your surroundings at all times and keep an eye on the time, I’m not particularly comfortable with exploring the city on foot after nightfall, but I feel quite safe driving around Motor City.



Enjoying a brew at HopCat in Detroit. Delicious snacky foods and over 130 beers on tap! 



We went to a show at the Masonic Temple to check out one of my favourite bands, Fleet Foxes. After catching their sold-out show in Toronto two nights before, we caught the show in Detroit at one of the most beautiful venues I have ever been to.

Post singing-my-heart-out to classics like Blue Ridge Mountain, While Winter Hymnal and Mykonos, a pit stop was made at Motor City Brewing Works where we shared a flight of delicious, tasty beer.



If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, make sure to stop by and have a flight – here are my thoughts on their tasty bevys: 

India Pale Ale – A classically brewed IPA. Mild hoppy aroma and flavour, brewed with Warrior Columbus and Simcoe hops. Despite its name, it’s a smooth, tasty beverage.

Belgian Tripel – Beautifully sweet and wheaty aroma, a traditional Belgian style ale. Notes of cloves, other spices and fruits – my favourite type of beer – reminded me of Grandville Island Brewing’s Sunshine Coast Hefeweizen. Cloudy in appearance, low on the IBU scale, easy drinking beer with a pleasant

Pale Ale – Crisp, full malty body and easy to drink – a genuine American Pale Ale. Slightly hoppy but is balanced by this delicate fruity-tartness. A great type of beer to start off with when joining the IPA family.

Ghetto Blaster – Motor City’s infamous beer, a toasty amber ale with an enticing scent of toffee and sweet caramel. Very flavourful, though not overbearing – odd finishing taste of not quite burst toast, but something very close.

Honey Porter – Immediate aromas of chocolate, caramel and a light coffee/smokiness, this beer definitely has a beautiful earthiness to it. A delicate balance of both bitterness and sweetness, and an overall smooth, slightly creamy finish. I brought a six-pack back home with me!

Summer Brew – A seasonal, Americans style wheat beer, available from June through to September. Fresh, with an eclectic aroma mixture of lemon, orange, pear, apple and a pleasant yeast earthiness you’d come to expect out of a wheat beer. Easy drinking and smooth, with a light herbal/spicy bitterness finish and lingering honey notes.

Motown Lager – Czech style pilsner, with a great balance of pale malt and earthy hop notes. Very clean, crisp lager, despite not being a huge fan of lagers Motown Lager has a deliciously clean malt/bitterness balance.


Have any of you been through Detroit? Any awesome places you’d recommend checking out? Let me know in the comments box below, I’d love to hear any suggestions.

Until next time wanderers,


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