left field brewery vs. scarborough bluffs

A few weekends ago I had the luxury of working outside on Sunday (pause for laughs), so after a gruelling shift in the humid, sticky weather I treated myself to some beautiful lakeside views.


Ironically enough, it had been exactly one year since I visited the Scarborough Bluffs and was pleasantly reminded as to how beautiful and serene the landscape is. Exploring places solo has to be one of my favourite past-times, a hobby I don’t often indulge in for a fear of being perceived as selfish, but it’s a comforting feeling to be able to stop and smell the roses at your own pace.



Located in the district of Toronto, Ontario, exploring the escarpment proved to be an exceptional use of a Sunday, despite the occasional rain showers. One thing worth mentioning is the confusing location of Bluffers Beach, which hosts the only access to the beach and offers you a glance up at these monstrous bluffs, along with the rest of the nine surrounding parks – it was kind of confusing finding everything!


Following my tiresome 9KM walk and playing photographer to several groups of friends and couples, I decided to treat myself to a flight at a nearby brewery: Left Field. I had heard so much about this little brewery in Toronto and researched their selection of beers prior to making the journey over – I was intrigued.


I’m in no way a professional, but I do consider myself to be somewhat of a beer connoisseur, an enthusiast if you will and I make it a weekly habit of exploring new breweries and returning to my tried, tested and true brew shops.

Left field had quite the selection, a total of six which includes two seasonals. Please note, these opinions expressed are my own and do not wish to offend anyone or impose my suggestions. This is a way to record my travels and my experiences at breweries throughout North America – and beyond!


Cannonball (Helles Lager) – Yummy. Fresh. One of those beers that have your taste buds salivating for after a long day at work, perfect for indulging on a patio on a hot summer day. Crisp, light, has a pleasantly refreshing honey sweetness to it.

Sunlight Park (Grapefruit Saison) – Named after Toronto’s first baseball stadium (goooooo SPORTS!), it has an equal blend of both grapefruit tartness and malted wheat, with a slight hint of honey. I’m not a huge fan of grapefruit, so the tart does throw me off a little bit, but it is still delicious, easy to drink and very smooth.

Maris (Pale Ale) Delicious, flavourful, crisp. Named after both baseball legend Roger Maris and after the Maris Otter malt of which it’s brewed with. Maris Otter malt, which is one of the crème de la crème of malts and is one of the more commonly used malts in the craft brewery market today. Despite its flavourful aroma and taste, I probably wouldn’t order it when compared to all the other choices on their roster but it is a great introductory beer if you’re just getting into the game of craft brews.

Passionfruit Day Game (Session IPA) This is exactly what I expect when ordering a session IPA, which is essentially an IPA with an ABV of 5% or higher, though the elaborate history of this type of brew can be found if you’re interested. Brewed with an assortment of flavourful malts, your taste buds are also titillated by the surging flavours of candied orange and mango, all while being engulfed in some truly delightful tropical aromatics. Crispy. Hoppy. Deliciously delightfully good. My second sip was just as enjoyable as the first, however this time around you can truly taste and sense the tropical passionfruit infusion and the lingering notes of pine.

Eephus (Oatmeal Brown Ale) I love oatmeal-anything beers. Roasted malt and toasted nuts scent, the type of aromas you’d come to expect from an American style brown ale. Comfortingly dark and warm, with an amazing velvety smooth taste.  Classically yummy.

Laser Show (Vermont Style IIPA) So I’ve recently started enjoying IPAs and have developed an affinity for the hoppiest of all hoppy beers. With an IBU of 80 – I got a tasty punch to my taste buds. What previously turned me off of IPAs was the over usage of Cascade, Simcoe, Amarillo, Columbus, etc. hops which made it unbearably difficult to drink, let along enjoy. This double IPA with brewed with your standard IPA hops, but what makes it fruity is the combination of a unique yeast strain from Vermont. I’m a hung fan of punchy hops when paired with complimentary flavours, Laser Show boasts delectable tropical fruits and an OJ. This beer oozes fruit juice flava, traditional hoppy delights, with an easy drinking finish.


Have any suggestions on breweries to scope out? Are there any awe-inspiring hikes you’d recommend? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear what breweries you go to and where you like to spend your Sundays in the sun!

Until next time,


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