Elora Brewing Company

Every week, my partner and I head out to not-so-local breweries all over Ontario in hopes of discovering a brand new brew to obsess over. Have a suggestions of a wicked brewery for us to visit? Leave a suggestions below!


This week we headed to Elora, Ontario for some craft beers at Elora Brewing Company, about an hour and a half West of Toronto. We trudged through the snowy streets of downtown Elora, scattered with local artsy shops, to a new brewery in town for a flight of some delicious beers.


The atmosphere was warm and inviting, and the tables were filled with guests enjoying various pints of assorted variety. We order a flight (4-6 small samples of the brewery’s own beer) of their collection on tap, which included Three Fields Lager, Monster Mash Pumpkin Porter, Lady Friend IPA, and Elora Borealis Citrus Pale Ale. (Listed as seen below.)


Following our flight, we ordered two pints of the Three Fields Lager and Monster Mash Pumpkin Porter to accompany our tasty meals of their Fried Chicken (below) and burger. Elora Brewing Co. is also known for their pickled selection of various fruits and vegetables – it’s a shame I don’t enjoy the foods of the pickled variety!


If you’re looking for a new craft brewery to check out, Elora Brewing Company comes highly suggested. Though it may be a bit of a trek, Elora has various activities for the adventurous wanderer. Beautiful scenic trails and a downtown scene that can be explored on foot – don’t forget your camera, everything is picturesque!


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